5 Tips for Choosing Outdoor Furniture that Suits Your Home

Choosing the right outdoor furniture may sometimes be a difficult task and you will find a range of natural materials such as wood, rattan, bamboo to choose from. You can also opt for metal, aluminium furniture and there really is no dearth of choices. But when to comes to elegance, style, durability, strength and cost, wicker furniture stands a head above the rest.

For all Settings

Even with wicker, there are different varieties to choose from. You will find a number of online stores selling synthetic wicker furniture and this is just made to look like the real thing. But nothing can match the look of natural hand-woven wicker outdoor furniture.

Since it is a natural material, it takes polish and paint finishes well and you can get the styling you want. Every home has a distinct decor style, but when you are choosing furniture for outdoor spaces, you will find that wicker looks good in and space and complements any setting.

Aspects to Consider

When you are choosing outdoor furniture that suits your home, the basic rules remain the same as buying indoor furniture. However, there are a few additional aspects you have to take into consideration, such as:

#1 Weather

If you live near the coast or in areas where the weather is more hot and dry or if the area is prone to stormy or windy weather, you are going to need furniture that will be able to weather these climatic conditions. In most cities in Australia, weather changes tend to be quite drastic and sudden. This makes it all the more important for you to choose your furniture with care

#2 Space

Consider the amount of space you have and the shape of the available area. If it’s a wide patio or deck, you can afford to have wide and large furniture. On the other hand, if you are buying furniture for a narrow balcony or swimming pool space, it would be best to opt for smaller furniture. The factor to consider is that there should be sufficient space to walk around after the furniture has been placed there

#3 Placement

Determine the exact placement of the furniture. Check whether you are going to place it in an open-to-the-air area or one that is semi-enclosed. This will help you choose materials that are suitable to that space. For instance, when you opt for wicker outdoor furniture, you don’t have to worry too much about these things, but it is important to choose weather-resistant fabric. Try not to place wicker furniture directly on grassy areas. If you are going to place it on a lawn, ensure that it has iron legs

#4 Maintenance

You need to understand how much of time you are going to be able to dedicate to maintaining your outdoor furniture. If you are looking for a low maintenance option, stay away from wood and iron as you will have to polish the former regularly and iron furniture will have to be painted or powder-coated frequently as it is prone to rust. In this aspect, wicker becomes an ideal option for neither outdoor spaces as it does nor rust. Once you have finished it with weather-proof coating, you do not have to worry too much about it

#5 Comfort

This is definitely something you should be focusing on. You don’t want to have furniture that only looks good, but does not provide comfort. For instance, when you want to unwind on a leisurely evening with family and friends, you don’t want to sit in a straight-backed metal chair. But when you opt for wicker, with cushions, you have comfort and style

Opt for Quality

As you can see, choosing suitable outdoor furniture need not be so difficult. All you have to do is follow these simple tips that have just been discussed. In addition, check online for a store that will be able to provide you with a wide variety and competitive prices. Zero-in on a company that is conscious about all these things and passionate about its business.

This is the one way to be sure that you are getting high quality outdoor furniture at the best prices. Osier Belle is one of the leading online wicker furniture suppliers. You can check our impressive range of furniture at our website. All our furniture is hand-woven with great care and passion. For more information, call us on (02) 9949 9466 or contact us via this online form.

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