Your Guide on How to Choose the Best Esky

Anyone who wants to buy an ice cooler in Australia tends to say they want to buy an Esky. This brand has now become synonymous with coolers in our country. Any portable cooler that’s able to keep drinks and food chilled when you are outdoors, is commonly referred to as an Esky. However, when you go to look for one, you will find that there is a large variety of brands to choose from (apart from Esky), and this can make the choice difficult.

Pointers on choosing the best Esky

Here is a quick guide that will help you learn a little more about how to choose the best “Esky”:

#1 Material

You can choose either from fibreglass boxes or polyethylene Iceboxes. The former are constructed using fibreglass, on the inside and outside; an insulating material is sandwiched between these layers. This material doesn’t retain odours and it can keep ice frozen for 5-6 days (depending on the temperature it’s exposed to).

Polyethylene Iceboxes also have a layer of insulation sandwiched between 2 layers of this material. It tends to retain odours and will have to be washed and aired, diligently after each use. These tend to be sturdier than fibreglass and can keep ice frozen at least for up to 5 days (when kept in the shade).

#2 Size

You may be tempted to buy a larger Esky, but before you give in to that temptation, check what size of cooler will fit in the available space in your car; it’s easier to lift smaller coolers out of your car as well. A tall cooler will have sufficient space to store bottles in an upright position. The models that have recessed lids give you the option to load items much higher (however, the coolers could get warmer in this space)

#3 Insulation

Opt for a model that has thicker walls. Look for lids & walls that don’t compress very easily when you apply pressure. If you buy a sturdy cooler, it can also be used as a seat.

#4 Cleaning

Textured lids are a challenge to keep clean. You should opt for flush-mounted drains as these wont trap dirt.

#5 Wheels

If the Esky has wheels, you will find it much easier to pull the heavy load (over smooth surfaces), rather than carrying it.

#6 Handles

The handles should have an easy grip and should be strong. The large wheeled coolers should have pull handles while shoulder straps are ideal for smaller size coolers.

#7 Drainage

All the stoppers, plugs and bungs that are used for sealing the drain hole should have a tight fit and they should be attachable. It’s good to buy one with a hose fitting as it helps the esky to drain.

#8 Latches & Lids

These should fit snugly, but should be easy to close and open. You will find that the one-handed cooler models are better for general use. The lids with hinges tend to be very heavy and the cooler is more prone to topping over when it’s empty.

#9 Cost

You will find a wide range of pricing when you are buying an Esky. But our advice is that you give the cheaper ones a miss and opt for the higher-priced ones. These will have superior insulation and will ensure that your chilled beer isn’t warm by the time you decide to drink it or your food hasn’t gone bad by the time you decide to consume it. Pick the best within your budget.

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