Outdoor Furniture Fabrics of the 21st Century

The outdoor spaces on your property add a distinct charm to your home. They extend the indoor living spaces and add to the functionality of these areas. However, in order to use this space, you will have to place some outdoor furniture on it. The market is filled with different types of outdoor furniture, made of wicker, wood, metal, wood and glass as well as metal and glass, plastic etc. Most of the companies that manufacture this furniture use different techniques to make these weather-resistant.

But, it’s not sufficient that the actual furniture be resistant; it’s equally important that the fabric that’s used to cover the seating and as well as the back cushions be weather-proof too. If you use regular fabric for these purposes, it will end up getting faded and worn. Even if you keep the furniture protected from dust, the sun’s UV rays and the rain can ruin the fabric completely and you will end up replacing it too often.

Variety of Fabrics

There are a number of outdoor fabric manufacturers that bring to market fabric that is perfect for outdoor settings. Osier Belle uses Sunbrella brand outdoor fabrics in its furniture. The different varieties of outdoor furniture fabrics of the 21st century are:

Acrylic Coated Polyester

This polyester fabric is coated with acrylic – this lends strength to the fabric and it is and able to withstand a great deal of wear and tear and becomes weather-resistant. Even exposure to rains, sunlight and mildew doesn’t affect the material and it doesn’t fade easily either. While some manufacturers coat just one side of the polyester fabric with acrylic, there are others that coat both sides. This increases the fabric’s durability.

Solution-Dyed Acrylic

This particular fabric is made by soaking the fibres in a special dyeing solution. The weaving process takes place after this; this permits the dye to sink right into the fibres and makes it resistant to wear-and-tear and fading. This type of material is ideal for the harsh climate that most of Australia experiences.

Vinyl-Coated Synthetic Mesh Fibre

This fabric has a slightly plasticky feel and look, but is extremely durable and resists fading, water-damage as well as wear and tear. Maintenance is easy and since the fabric has PVC coating, all you need to do is wipe it down with a moist cloth.


This is a median-range fabric that performs better than polyester and offers a reasonable amount of resistance to mildew and the elements. It’s easy to clean and fade-resistant too. Its reasonable price tag makes it a very popularly-used fabric in outdoor furniture.


Much before the current-day advanced, weather-proof fabrics were brought to market, oil cloth and canvas were the more preferred materials for outdoor furniture. Today, treated variants of these materials are still in use. Those who are allergic to synthetic materials can use this fabric for all their outdoor furniture.

Innovation and More

A lot of innovation has taken place in this space and companies that manufacture outdoor fabrics continue to conduct a significant amount of research to continue enhancing the weather-proofing qualities of outdoor fabrics in the 21st century. Different treatments can be applied to the fabric to makes them weather-resistant and this makes them ideal for outdoor use.

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