Do you have a cheaper option we could consider?

We have launched Oliver G Outdoor, a range that has been specifically designed to offer our fabulous furniture at a more economic price. All the furniture is made by the same amazing Belle team but we are able to bring the cost down by using local trusted materials that are not as well known as Sunbrella, Agora and Viro but are still excellent quality (on par with Coco Republic, Eco Outdoor and Harbour). We also use Semarang teak (the same teak all our competitors use) rather than Jepara teak and we have modified the sizing and design a little to bring the overall cost down. Ask us for more details. We do have a selection of the brand on display upstairs in our showroom and currently working on a website to support Osier Belle’s little brother.

Qualities to Look for in Fabric for Outdoor Cushions

Qualities to Look for in Fabric for Outdoor Cushions With so many options out there it’s sometimes hard to know what qualities to look for in fabric for outdoor cushions. Australia has one of the most unforgiving climates in the world. When it comes to choosing the right fabric for your outdoor furniture, think as […]

Meet The Designer Of Our Luxury Outdoor Furniture

Meet The Designer of Our Luxury Outdoor Furniture It takes a special kind of person to create exceptional outdoor furniture. Here, designer, founder and owner of Osier Belle, Penelope Camplisson, shares what it’s like to be a woman in business and her philosophy of quality and care.   Hi Penny, where were you born? I […]

The Truth About Weatherproof Materials for Outdoor Furniture

The Truth About Weatherproof Materials As Australians, a deep-rooted affinity for our outdoor living spaces is part of our cultural makeup. To make the most of the beautiful surroundings in a country renowned for its picturesque landscapes, investing in luxuriously crafted, weatherproof outdoor furniture is essential for our homes. Not only does it elevate the […]