Do you have the certification for your teak?

Yes we do – and we encourage you to ask any retailer for certification prior to buying as we know numerous teak suppliers in Java that harvest without care or consideration. Our teak is brought from a trusted supplier in Jepara (NOT from the plantation dealers who supply to our competitors); he will only sell to reputable factories that treat their workers well and respect the timber. It is all fully certified by FSC and TFT and it is very expensive but this is reflective of the expense and efforts he and his team go to ensure their process legitimate and respectful to the environment.

How to style the perfect outdoor space

If you’re looking to transform your existing outdoor area into a space that looks and feels fabulous, then we’ve got some tips and tricks that we think you’ll love. Grab a cup of tea (or a glass of wine!) and sit down with a notebook and let your imagination run wild. Strip down When designing […]

5 essential considerations when creating your outdoor living space

Fortunate enough to have an outdoor living space in your home? Whether it’s a small outdoor balcony or a blend of decks, pools and expansive gardens, creating a luxury outdoor living environment that you can retreat to requires a number of essential considerations. 1. The unpredictable Australian climate Whatever your challenge, ensuring your outdoor furniture […]