What concrete do you use?

Our concrete tops are a fibre-glass reinforced concrete composite to reduce weight and increase durability. They are sealed with the highest quality Australian product we can find, exported and applied in highly controlled conditions (due to its sensitivity to air at application stage) at our factory. The only component of our collection we do not make is our concrete tops. This is because it is a totally different manufacturing process, requiring extensive skill and specialised machinery to fulfil to the level of quality we require. We have a great relationship with the company who specialises in the production of customised tops exclusively made for us and delivered so we can complete with our beautifully crafted teak or stainless steel bases.

How to style the perfect outdoor space

If you’re looking to transform your existing outdoor area into a space that looks and feels fabulous, then we’ve got some tips and tricks that we think you’ll love. Grab a cup of tea (or a glass of wine!) and sit down with a notebook and let your imagination run wild. Strip down When designing […]

5 essential considerations when creating your outdoor living space

Fortunate enough to have an outdoor living space in your home? Whether it’s a small outdoor balcony or a blend of decks, pools and expansive gardens, creating a luxury outdoor living environment that you can retreat to requires a number of essential considerations. 1. The unpredictable Australian climate Whatever your challenge, ensuring your outdoor furniture […]