How to Create a Space You Love – Top Tips from Interior Designers

Interior Designers are experts when it comes to creating inspiring spaces.

Indulge in these tips from three of the best.

Belle Trovato

Director, Belle Trovato Design

MY TOP TIP when renovating or building your dream home, is to consider the outdoor space from the very beginning and budget for it.

So much emphasis goes towards the interiors, which are important, but sometimes the outdoor spaces are forgotten or remain as a stage-two project. A house really becomes a home when the gardens are complete.

Outdoor spaces soften all the hard edges, bring a sense of calm and a private sanctuary you can escape to at anytime.

Practical for the whole family

There are a few main aspects I consider when designing outdoor spaces. An outdoor setting for dining and lounging and enough turf or greenery for children to play on are both important. When I design an outdoor area I want it to feel as comfortable as the interior settings.

Outdoor furniture can take a beating in our harsh Australian climate.

I take extra consideration when specifying outdoor furniture, understanding if the furniture will be completely outdoors and exposed to the elements or partly covered.

Check materials

It’s essential to look closely at the timber species and understand whether they are hardy solid materials or if the metals will withstand salt and corrosion.

I recently specified the Dining Teak Round Table from Osier Belle for a covered outdoor dining space.  The clients loved it so much, they ended up bringing it indoors as their main dining table!


Iris Lev

Building Designer, il Design

CREATING A WELCOMING OUTDOOR SPACE is as important as designing the floor plan of a new house and in my opinion it should always be part of the initial planning process.

In my projects I aim to make the outdoor area feel like an extension of the house.

Seamless Entertaining

Arrange a small sitting area to enjoy a cup of coffee and watch the sunrise or an afternoon cocktail at sunset, and locate the BBQ and outdoor dining area near the kitchen so you can enjoy seamless entertaining.

With any outdoor space, it is important to pay attention to durability of fabrics and furniture to withstand the Australian weather conditions.

Choose furniture that is weather-resistant, comfortable and practical for outdoor use so you can enjoy your forever home all year round.


Perrie Henderson

Design Director, Perrie Designs

I ALWAYS APPROACH OUTDOOR SPACES as a natural extension of the interior — the furnishings and fabric should live harmoniously, connecting the two spaces. It’s important to consider the functionality of the space, as well as the overall feel you want to convey so it reflects the interior space it’s connected to.

Elegance is key

When orienting seating — if the area is adjacent to a more formal interior — elegance can be achieved through a conversational, structured seating arrangement with refined materials and neutral palettes.

If it’s a relaxed and casual setting you’re after, it can be created through the use of a less structured seating arrangement and more vibrancy through colour, cushions and shapes.

Timeless and enduring

No matter what function or style your dream outdoor space has, to create something timeless and enduring, it is always advised to understand the location of the furnishings and materials used. Think about how they will wear due to sun and exposure to the elements as well as stand up to everyday life activities.

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