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Teak Collection

Our stunning Teak Collection is the perfect way to create a softer, more natural looking outdoor retreat while still reaping the benefits of long-lasting, modular outdoor furniture.

Our entire collection is made using sustainable Grade-A recycled teak, making it durable and hardwearing in the harsh Australian climate. Our teak is supplied ‘raw’ or with a light wax so that customers can decide the ultimate look they would like their teak to have, as there are many options.

The Silvering Process
Teak silvers naturally over time when the natural oils within the teak begin to evaporate and dry. Should you want your teak to silver naturally, your teak is fine to leave out in the elements, though it is important to note that teak silvers more quickly when exposed to direct sunlight, and can get stains if not protected.

As it is a natural timber product, teak can grey unevenly if parts of the teak are more exposed to the sun than other parts, so it is import to ensure the timber receives even exposure to sunlight. Even with uneven greying, it should level out when the teak has completed silvered.

Protecting & Maintaining Your Teak
It is important to maintain your teak to maximise it’s longevity as well and keep it looking good for years to come.

We recommend using a teak protector (by a reputable brand such as Feast Watson) which is the best method of protecting your teak.

We also recommend using a product such as Organ Oil Clear once your teak has fully silvered to keep the wood moisturised and strong.

Designer All Weather Modular Furniture

All our furniture is designed and fabricated using only the very best truly all weather fabrics and matericals. All our collections are designed by Osier Belle and made in our very own factory to the highest specification. All our furniture collections are also modular allowing you to pick or grow your settings to suit your space.

Have some questions? Please do not hesitate to call us on: 02 9949 9466 or email us here.