Tuuci is renowned for its unparalleled understanding of the interaction between shade solutions and wind, so you can be reassured that Tuuci's components, which include hubs, struts, connectors, canopy stitching, pockets, double wind vents, and high wind stabilizers, are all wind tunnel tested to withstand unexpected gusts, storms, and continuous high wind environments.


Profound Strength & Reserved Beauty

Tuuci®'s patented hub system features stainless steel, resin and anodized aluminum components that are modular, corrosion proof and self-lubricating. This strength and techology guarantee parasols will last among the harshest elements and conditions.


High Impact. Low Maintenance.

Tuuci®'s modularly engineered hub systems features stainless steel, resin and anodized aluminum components that are corrosion proof and self-lubricating.


High Performance Shade

Tuuci®'s most durable and wind-resistant design is the F-1 MAX, which features a telescoping mast, high-tension stainless steel reinforcement cables and armor-wall aluminum construction.


Pretty and Practical

Tuuci®'s F-1 canopies have reinforced aluminum pocket construction, making them significantly stronger by supporting the upper corners with stainless steel and additional stitching.


Telescoping Mast

The Aluma-CORE mast enable our propriety gear system and telescoping, which allows the parasol to gracefully deploy without interfering with the furniture below. This innovative core is reflected in external chassis reinforcements clad in polished yachting grade aluminum.