Our Factory

Osier Belle isn’t just a brand; it is a manufacturing company that started in a large empty warehouse in Cirebon, West Java.

Initially, we considered numerous factories that manufacture for all the outdoor furniture market however, unfortunately,  we did not agree with how they treated staff and the compromises they chose on quality and finish.

Our solution was to set up our very own factory, where we could protect and look after staff, whilst ensuring our quality and materials was consistently the absolute finest.

We invested in the best machinery, the most suitable tools and equipped the buildings with comfortable furnishings, refreshments and, at their request – music!  All in all creating a positive, clean and enjoyable environment to work in.

We employed a passionate team, individually specialising in their own department.

Reaching out to the local community, we recruited craftsmen and women to join our vision.

We also employ non-skilled workers, training them up so they have a future profession they are very proud of.

Every product we create is hand-made and hand-woven, from start to finish.  We only use the best materials we can source and genuinely care about what we create.

The most important aspect about Osier Belle is our factory is our family; we respect and care for them enormously.

Factored into our prices is not a huge profit margin on the furniture, it includes excellent, respectful wages for our employees, full health care protection (for staff AND their families), the best facilities and safety for everyone to enjoy,  so ALL our staff feel appreciated and valued.  We financially support celebrations, weekly lunches – even interest free loans for weddings, funerals and schooling – you name it, we have done it!

We believe happy people make beautiful furniture and the proof is clearly seen in our designs.

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