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Protective Covers

Available in three options, the Osier Belle Protective Covers are fully seam-sealed using our own industrial hot-air seam-sealing machine.

Covers can be made for your chosen Osier Belle furniture; we can also custom-make for any existing outdoor furniture you may have!

Perfect for preserving from the harsh elements of sun, rain, pollution plus droppings, leaves and tree sap.

Please read the important care details below to maximise longevity of your furniture and covers in our Australian climate.
Price starting from: $100

Outdoor covers for furniture you’ve invested in with Osier Belle provide many benefits, however, it is important to also maximise their durability with a little maintenance.

1. Regularly clean the outdoor covers with warm soapy water and a soft bristle brush to remove stains that will inevitably develop from unavoidable atmospheric conditions

2. After heavy rain, remove water that may pool on top of the protective furniture covers.  If this is not done, the cover will get marked and the weight of the excess water could penetrate the cover and/or damage seams resulting in water getting on to your furniture.

3. Regularly air your furniture by removing the outdoor protective covers.  We live in a highly humid environment.  Naturally, moisture will build up under the covers and cannot dry or air if they are not removed.

4. Whilst your furniture is breathing, hang your outdoor furniture covers out to air, making sure you also give them time to dry inside out to eliminate any moisture that has accumulated inside.

We strongly recommend you follow these duty of care guidelines to ensure your warranty is not void.

All Osier Belle protective covers are fully customised to suit the desires of the customer. This includes length, depth and height.
Fabric - Created in our own branded fabric, Agora or Surlast by Sunbrella.
Protective covers are an additional purchase with each product.
Delivery charges are calculated at time of purchase and based on location, weight and access to the property.
Please check with our team as the warranty varies on the cover type.

Belle Standard Protective – Full protective covers, approximately 90% waterproof, if water pools on the surface during heavy rain periods it is possible it will seep through but will keep all dust/dirt off furniture. Still excellent at keeping furniture dry in light/normal rain etc. Warranty 2 years.

Agora Grey Waterproof Protective – Full protective covers made in 100% protective, 100% waterproof fabric. More of a plastic feel but still aesthetic. Darker grey colouring. Will not fade & will keep all water, dust/dirt off furniture. Warranty 3 years.

Surlast Light Grey Waterproof Protective – made by Sunbrella, the best protective fabric you can get for outdoor environments. Marine grade fabric. 100% waterproof, will keep all dust/dirt off furniture. More of a fabric feel & softer. Light grey/taupe in colour. (Osier Belle recommends this for full 100% protection). Warranty 3 years.