Our Story

Our Story

Like nothing else on the market, the Osier Belle range is as luxurious as it is enduring. Exuding style and sophistication, it is created using the highest quality materials and construction, and is the only outdoor furniture designed specifically for the harsh Australian climate.

Crafted by skilled hands rather than being mass-produced, every Osier Belle piece is designed to add luxury and personality to your home. Your outdoor living space will be transformed into a stylish sanctuary where you can enjoy special moments with friends and family for years to come.

Our Team

Osier Belle was founded by master designer Penny Camplisson, who is not just passionate – but perfectionistic – about creating the best outdoor furniture in the world. Penny’s refusal to compromise on quality led her to establish the company’s own factory to ensure the highest design standards were met.

The Osier Belle family consists of a talented team of designers, weavers, tailors, furniture makers and customer consultants, all of whom share a commitment to our mission – to produce furniture that exceeds our customers’ expectations and is a testament to our entire team’s dedication and care.

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Our Process

Our furniture is not designed using computers or manufactured by machines. Each new design is envisioned and then taken to the factory as hand-drawn ideas. Every feature – whether it’s the curve of an arm or the shape of a cushion – takes time and careful consideration and, once we’re happy, we create our design template with our bare hands. That’s what makes our furniture truly unique and irresistibly tactile. And why our pieces are the ultimate in comfort and style.

Our Factory

At Osier Belle, doing things differently includes having our very own factory, which ensures our designs are created with the most meticulous attention to detail on every level. While initially we considered using other furniture manufacturers, we didn’t agree with how they treated staff or the compromises they made on quality and finish.

Located in Cirebon, West Java, our factory ensures we retain control of the manufacturing process, and that our company is a caring and inspiring one that provides many rewarding careers for the local people.

Our factory is equipped with the best machinery and tools, as well as providing comfortable furnishings, refreshments and music for our team to enjoy. Respectful wages, a positive environment and even interest-free employee loans are all just part of the way we value our staff, and our craft.

Materials We Use

Put simply, our materials are the absolute best, from the most stunning timber down to the finest thread. All sourced from industry-leading brands we trust.