About Us

Welcome to an enchanting destination for indulgence and inspiration.

At Osier Belle, we transform your outdoor living space into a luxuriously stylish yet, extremely durable, retreat.

We approach outdoor solutions a little differently.  Rather than giving you what we want to sell, we work personally with you to create what you want to have.

We believe your outdoor space should exude style, personality, versatility and sophistication.

All our creations are handmade and handwoven to the highest specification.  Osier Belle only uses the ultimate outdoor materials, specifically sourced to withstand the harsh Australian climate.

Our entire range is commercial and marine grade and supported by a five year warranty (three years on teak).

With our privately owned factory and owner/designer Penny Camplisson readily available, Osier Belle easily customises any collection, to any size or modification.

The result is stunning furniture that can stay outdoors all year round (including the cushions), feels perfectly balanced and creates an idyllic sanctuary to relax, entertain and enjoy for many years.

We have stock available or can easily customise your bespoke order.  This normally takes around 8-10 weeks and we can deliver complimentary rental furniture to enjoy until your personalised setting arrives.

There is so much more to Osier Belle; please do read about Our Factory.  We are very proud and honest about how and where we make our furniture (always question any company that proclaims their furniture is made in Europe or the USA).

Explore the unique world of Osier Belle, where we design and create your ultimate outdoor retreat – just for you.

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