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Our furniture is made in our very own factory and all certifications and shipping requirements are personally dealt with by our owner, Penny Camplisson. Every container is FULLY FUMIGATED and certified prior to leaving the factory. Once checked and approved, it is securely locked with a bolt, only removable by specialised cutters. The shipment is then processed through a number of the highest policed systems and sent to Port Botany in Sydney. Once there, Australian Border Control checks all paperwork and opens, if necessary, to conduct a quarantine inspection or x-ray examination. No container is allowed from the port, onto Australian soil, until all paperwork is complete and Australian Border Control is happy that all safety and importation measurements have been fulfilled. Careful manufacturing, certified fumigation and 21 days at sea ensure your furniture is 100% safe to use immediately.

If we do not have your desired furniture in stock, it usually takes around 6-8 weeks to create and ship. Everything we make is designed and manufactured by hand in our very own factory. We do not make for any other company or retailer. Occasionally, shipments are delayed due to weather or quarantine checks by Australian Border Control. If this happens, we do get in touch and inform you as soon as we know.

Picking up is available for small items from our showroom and larger items from our warehouse, located in Mona Vale on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Simply let us know at time of ordering and we can arrange this for you.

We do have a small range of stock furniture available in our warehouse so please do ask us for more details.

Our passion for you to enjoy every step of investing in Osier Belle does not finish when you place your order. Our delivery team constantly receive praise and compliments for their outstanding delivery service from booking to actual delivery. We respect your home throughout the process, carefully bringing your furniture through the property, unpacking and placing wherever you wish it to go. If there has been a requirement to make your order in sections, we put your furniture together (our boys even channel their inner-stylist and place your scatter cushions into position!). We then take away all packaging, clean up and leave you with a gift from us to say thank you for choosing Osier Belle. All you need to do it sit back and celebrate your beautiful new retreat.

We have delivered via provided barge services, cranes, inclinators, hoisting over balconies and up/down numerous flights of stairs. Many of our beautiful customers live in the most incredible, secluded homes that challenge our team but we are dedicated to what is possible. Simply let us know when considering a purchase and we will ask you to provide a quick video walking through the designated route so we can assess prior to delivery and ensure we have enough hands to help. If you are not sure, we can also get one of the team to pop over and see for ourselves. All we ask is you let us know before ordering your furniture.

Yes, we do and have done many times over the years. This may require using an external company to complete this on our behalf but we DO NOT use couriers, only reputable transportation companies experienced in high quality delivery services.

Yes, we have shipped overseas direct from our factory and this is possible. Naturally, the cost of a complete container must be calculated into the cost of fulfilling this service so do talk to us about volume and your personal requirements.

We understand sometimes renovations take longer than possible or you want to buy but cannot immediately take delivery. Just let us know at time of purchase and we will organise for your furniture to be securely stored at our warehouse – free of charge (if longer than 12 weeks there maybe a small charge) – until you are ready to take delivery.

Don’t worry! This happens regularly and we understand. We have a substantial warehouse we can store your furniture carefully and securely until you are ready. There is no charge for doing this, however, if this period exceeds 12 weeks, we may need to discuss options with you.

It initially sounds impressive when you hear ‘Belguim designed’ or ‘Created by award-winning designer’ but, it is worth considering – if the furniture is made for a European or USA climate, is it really going to stand up to our incredibly harsh climate? ALL Osier Belle furniture has all been specifically designed with our extreme Australian weather in mind.

We are proud to say our factory is located in the heart of Cirebon, Java, an area that specialises in the skill of creating outdoor furniture. Our Belle factory is renouned as the ultimate factory for the highest level of quality and attention to detail. We are noted as the only one that specialises in first-class customised design. We are also known for how we look after our staff. We pay our fabulous team over the national minimum wage and provide many benefits not considered by other factories. Yes, this does make the furniture more expensive to produce but we believe in being respectful and consistently rewarding for skills and loyalty our extensive team of over 80 workers share with us. As for other retailers, do not be fooled into being told it is made in Italy or Los Angeles. It is not. Osier Belle spent many months looking at different factories to potentially make our designs – we have been to them all. We know where all our competition has their furniture made – and it is not far from our very own factory in Java, Indonesia. It is important the retailer is respectfully honest with you about this.

Any business that sells wood furniture from overseas should be able to readily provide legitimate certification from the country of source. If they cannot, please do not purchase as this timber does not support and protect the planet, the wildlife or the people of that country. If would you like to see our Indonesian Legal Wood verified certificates, simply ask one of our staff.

Due to the severity of our weather in Australia, all timber experts recommend applying protection on outdoor furniture prior to usage. As a customer, we believe you shouldn’t be responsible for completing this messy and critical step. Rather than using a varnish (which simply sits on the surface and will fake), we directly export the industries’ most reputable brand, Cutek, to our factory. We apply this protection onto your furniture and let it fully absorb for four weeks. Cutek soaks into teak and protects it from the inside out, resisting cracking and staining (www.cutek.com.au). Options we offer include ‘Clear’ (protecting whilst allowing the wood to patina) or ‘Black Ash’ (deepens and removes the classic red look of teak).

Our founder and designer personally runs the showroom, has 100% input to every single detail of each piece specifically designed for Australia, sourcing the best materials in the world. No dealing with a 3rd party manufacturer. We are your designer, manufacturer and customer service expert.

The furniture is designed by British/Australian Citizen, Penny Camplisson, the Founder and Owner of Osier Belle who has lived in Sydney for nearly 20 years. The factory is located in Cirebon, Java where we have a highly skilled (and valued) team who make our furniture for you. The expertise and expense to make what we create in Australia is simply not possible. Teak, the most durable timber available for outdoor furniture cannot be sourced in Australia and if it were shipped and then made here, the prices would be unrealistic for retail sale. If you visit a store that suggests it is made in Australia or Europe (or USA!), we would recommend you push for confirmation this is true as we know all the factories that produce for these retailers (and they are not far from ours!).

Yes, we are one of the few brands that has been specifically designed for the harsh Australian climate. Other factory mass produce for the European and USA markets, are seeing these brands available over here. Our designer, Penny, lives here in Sydney, apprecaiting the extreme weather our outdoor furniture needs to endure. Osier Belle furniture has been made with the absolute best materials, right down to the thread, to ensure it can stay outdoors all year round, including the cushions. Joints and finishes are carefully considered without compromise so that is why we are one of the few to proudly offer a 5 year warranty on all our furniture, with happy customers who are still enjoying their original purchases many years post their warranty.

Yes, every element of our furniture has been carefully considered with the planet and longevity in mind. All materials are purchased from brands that are environmentally-friendly and aware – more details can found, by brand, on our Materials page; simply click through to their websites (link). Our teak is brought from a trusted supplier in Jepara (NOT from the plantation dealers who supply to our competitors); he will only sell to reputable factories that treat their workers well and respect the timber. It is all fully certified by FSC and TFT and it is very expensive but this is reflective of the expense and efforts he and his team go to ensure their process legitimate and respectful to the environment. We use every piece of the teak in our designs, with products like our wine racks introduced to use the leftover pieces. Our factory is very environmentally conscious and we also go above and beyond to look after our Belle family (our factory workforce) and their families.

As a result of visiting many potential factories, we decided we didn’t agree with the work ethic, work environment and short-cuts repeatedly witnessed. Igorance is not bliss and shouldn’t be supported. We created our very own factory where ALL our 80+ staff are treated with complete respect and very well-paid (including full health insurance covering themselves and family members). We genuinely care and look after our team – we are one big family who have lots of fun, providing work and a forever welcoming workplace for people to feel safe, learn new skills and enjoy creating beautiful, handmade furniture.

Our factory is located in Cirebon, Java, about 3 hours south-east of Jakarta. It is a beautiful town that is extremely safe – Penny, the owner travels there regularly on her own. The Belle team are incredible and treated as our family. For more details (link)

We all have different outdoor spaces with different challenges, needs and purpose. Rooms feel amazing when you walk into them and they are balanced with colour, texture, size and make functional sense. In today’s world of manufacturing, customisation should be available. At Osier Belle, we create furniture to fit perfectly into your space. We can easily customise size all without a price penalty or long leadtimes.

Once you have invested your money and ordered, you want to enjoy your purchase as soon as possible. All too often we hear people waiting over 16 weeks for their stock-standard furniture to arrive. Having the luxury of owning our factory, we can brief, create and ship your customised design within 7-9 weeks. Guaranteed.

We don’t compromise in our designs and feel you shouldn’t need to compromise on your purchase. This is an essential part of your home you want to enjoy for many years. Wasting your hard earnt money on furniture that doesn’t fulfil everything you’d hoped isn’t necessary. At Osier Belle, we can provide your perfect setting and, if not in stock, we will lend you, completely free of charge, a rental setting for you to enjoy until your dream furniture arrives from our factory.

We are happy to invest our time and passion into ensuring we create the best possible solution for you. At Osier Belle, this service extends outside the walls of our showroom with the unqiue offer for the owner (Penny) to provide a complimentary consultation, measuring up and using her expertise to create the perfect personalised retreat, just for you.

The whole idea of Osier Belle is to create beautiful furniture that doesn’t look like the usual outdoor furniture so many people want to use it indoors – and we won’t arrest you for it if you choose to do so!

Simply click on this link (insert link) and you will be directed through what we need from you to set up a Trade Account.

All our furnitue is solid in build and NOT flatpacked. Some items, such as larger dining tables and concrete items do need to be bolted together. Our delivery team will do this for you so no need to be ready with the toolbox!

Penny, our designer and owner passionately visits your home to discuss your requirements, desires, challenges and solutions. To book, simply complete the Book a Consultation via the link (insert link). Alernatively, you can call the showroom (02) 9949 9466 or email Penny directly at info@osierbelle.com.au. The consultation is complimentary and here is no pressure to purchase but we recommend you are familiar with our pricing for the items you might be interested in prior to booking.

We all have budgets and sadly, not everything falls into our price range. We do have payment plans and interest-fee arrangements available. Contact us to find out more; we can tailor to what is possible for you.

We have launched Oliver G Outdoor, a range that has been specifically designed to offer our fabulous furniture at a more economic price. All the furniture is made by the same amazing Belle team but we are able to bring the cost down by using local trusted materials that are not as well known as Sunbrella, Agora and Viro but are still excellent quality (on par with Coco Republic, Eco Outdoor and Harbour). We also use Semarang teak (the same teak all our competitors use) rather than Jepara teak and we have modified the sizing and design a little to bring the overall cost down. Ask us for more details. We do have a selection of the brand on display upstairs in our showroom and currently working on a website to support Osier Belle’s little brother.

Only 100% solution dyed acrylic will stand the test of time in Australia. Do not compromise on any fabric such as Olefin, Polyester mix or Linen – these fabrics will fade, harden and stain. We use simply the best proven outdoor fabrics in the world, Sunbrella from USA, Glen Raven in France and Agora from Spain.

Outdoor furniture is an investment and you want it looking beautiful for many years to come. All our furniture cushion fabrics will not fade for at least 5 years – that is ZERO fading for at least 5 years.

All outdoor cushions should be made with reticulated foam designed for outdoor use. We use Urecel Quick Dry Foam, the best commercial marine foam in the world and complete our cushion covers with Batyline Ferrari webbing for essential ventilation and drainage. Inside is encased with a netted cover, essential to hold all contents together whilst providing ease of removable outer cover for washing.

Regularly overlooked but one of the first things to deteriorate and fail. Every element used should be able to manage the harsh Australian conditions, right down to the thread. If attention to detail does not include a good quality outdoor yarn, your cushion covers will break at the seams. We use Serafil and Coats, specifically manufactured for heavy outdoor upholstery.

The general industry reply is ‘A Grade’, however, this doesn’t really provide the detail you require. This generalised term refers to the ‘heartwood’ (middle) of the trunk where the majority of the oil content is contained, providing the ideal resistance to outdoor conditions. A Grade timber should look golden brown, feel slightly oily; NOT pale and dry. Most factories purchase A1 Grade Teak from Plantations in Semarang or Surabaya (trunks are 100mm wide and felled from young trees). We purchase A6 Grade teak from Jepara – an area renowned for exceptional quality, sustainably managed and protected by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council and TFT (The Forest Trust). A6 Grade trunks are up to 600mm wide, very mature, super strong, with minimal knots and no sap. We kiln-dry our timber so the moisture content is below 12%. As a result, we are able to create stunning furniture from solid, non-laminated boards. It is very expensive but extremely hard-wearing and provides the longevity you need.

All wood left outdoors will naturally silver over time and can develop hairline cracks. Cracking is due to the fact timber is constantly expanding and compressing in reaction to himidity and temperatures. It isn’t a sign of weakness (unless it affects a joint), rather showing the timber is settling into the environment. Cutek minimises this natural personality of timber.

We use a selection of excellent quality designer fabrics. These include 3Beaches (link), created by two beautiful ladies from Queensland who have had their designs made by Sunbrella, Mokum (link) well known for their quality and gorgeous textures that include designers such as Catherine Martin & James Dunlop. We also stock a range from Glen Raven, Sunbrella and Agora that we use to create all the base cushions on our furniture collections.

Yes, we have these available directly on our website. Simply click here for more details (link)

Osier Belle has introduced a new range calle Osier Belle SHIELD. It is a process applied to a selection of popular fabrics available in our range that provide a barrier underneath the fabric to make them fully waterproof. It does not change the feel of the fabric. For details which fabrics are available with this additional protection, please go to our Materials page (link) and hover over the fabric name. Osier Belel SHIELD will appear in the description. All other fabrics are water-repellent. These are absolutely suitable for fully exposed areas but will let in moisture in heavy downpours, however, all Osier Belle cushions have been specifically designed for the extremities and will dry 100% without any concerns.

ALL Osier Belle furniture has been specifically designed by our founder and owner, Penny Camplisson, to endure the harshest outdoor elements. This includes coastal homes and waterside living. Everything can stay outdoors, fully exposed, all year round – including the cushions.

You can easily get hold of us by calling the showroom directly on (02) 9949 9466, emailing us at info@osierbelle.com.au or texting 0419 293 400. Of course, we would love to meet you in person at our showroom so, if possible, do venture in.

We are very different to other retailers as we design and create our very own brand using a wide range of materials that need to be discussed and considered to ensure your order is created to the absolute highest level. We are not a shopping cart process and pride ourselves on excellent customer service, ensuring all your needs and requirements are met. We are also personable so, for these reasons, we do not offer online purchasing, preferring to revert to the traditional method of verbal and written communciation.

Occasionally we do but it only leaves a gap we have to replicate and would rather you received brand new furniture. If you are absolutely desperate, we have been known to sell floorstock. Alternatively, we have a range of rental furniture we can deliver for you to immediately enjoy (complimentary) whilst you wait for your chosen furniture to be made. Ask us for more details when considering your purchase.

If we have not started production, amending your order is not a problem. If we have started, dependent on where we are in the process, we may be able to modify without any additional charge. If you have received your order and changed your mind, we cannot accept returns unless this is personally discussed and agreed with Penny, our owner.

Absolutely no problem at all. Simply email us at info@osierbelle.com.au or contact@osierbelle.com.au with your request.

We have been known to run a sale or discount furniture when we are launching new designs or older fabrics are no longer available so we need to remove them from the floor to avoid confusion or disappointment.

For first time purchasers, we do require a deposit but as our relationship grows with you and depending on your circumstances, we do create without a deposit, requiring full payment prior to delivery. We also offer payment plans to help spread the cost of your purchase. Simply ask us when considering your purchase.

Yes we do – we understand our furniture is an investment and not cheap. This is because we pay our beautiful Belle team over in our factory over and above the industry requirements as we respect and hugely appreciate their skill and loyalty. We also use the very best materials in the world to create your furniture. Simply ask us about our payment plans that are available. We can work with you to an arrangement that is tailored to your budget and needs.

We accept all major debit and credit cards, including AMEX. We also use eWay and cash payments are accepted also. If you would prefer to EFT your payments, we provide all our banking details on your invoice for easy transfer.

Yes, we have a trade application form you can complete (insert link) via our website. Simply complete the essential details on the form and successful applicants will be given access to a trade account, with numerous benefits in addition to discounting tier.

This is deducted from your invoice and shown as your commitment for us to proceed with your order. As I am sure you understand, making your furniture costs a considerable amount of time, money, investment and commitment from us. It DOES NOT cover the cost of making the furniture (or shipping). t is an agreed contract between ourselves. If you decide not to go ahead after this agreement or not pay the remainder of the invoice after we have commited and made your furniture, the deposit is not refunded. This is clearly stated on your invoice at time of ordering.

It depends at what point of production we are at. If it is a stock purchase, we can provide a full refund. If you order has been made and customised just for you, we cannot readily resell the furniture so our financial and manufacturing commitment is compromised so the deposit would be required to cover the cost of us commiting to your order.

Many retailers choose to buy in this manner as it minimises space used in warehousing and maximises profit margins. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide you with the strongest and most resilient furniture. We consider this to be an essential characteristic so ALL our designs are HANDMADE as one piece. No assembly or compromise on strength.

The short answer is yes! We have an extensive range of wickers, fabrics, timber options plus other materials to pair with your own individual style and personality. As we own our very own factory, we can easily customise your furniture to size so it fits perfectly into your home, creating that essential balance, proportion and blend. Our ethos is to create beautiful pieces that fit impeccably into your home and lifestyle, rather than your home awkwardly trying to fit round our furniture. We can also modify thickness of arms, heights, cushion depth, feet design plus so much more – if it’s possible and does not compromise the overall look of the design, we can fulfil this for you.

Yes, you can find more details on our protective covers here (insert link). We tailor make them to your furniture and can also make for you non-Osier Belle furniture/BBQs etc if you wish. Just ask us for a quote. Our designs are created so you do not need to bring anything in or cover but, like everything, the more you look after it, the longer it lasts. It also will protect from extreme weather, pollution, leaves and sap from trees, plus animal droppings and who wish to enjoy your furniture when you are not at home! For pets with fabulous taste, we do have Pet Throws available to purchase – contact us to find out more.

Yes, we do and have done so many times over the years. Our rental range is beautifully maintained and will seduce your potential buyers with what is possible in your outdoor living spaces. Simply get in touch and we can chat through what you need and what we have available for immediate delivery.

We do have a range of rental stock available for parties and private functions that can be loaned for a short period of time. Contact us directly for more information.

We do have a range of rental stock available for events such as this that can be loaned for a short period of time. Contact us directly for more information.

Yes, as we have our own factory, this is possible, depending on the request. Designer and owner Penny Camplisson can discuss your requirements and provide sketches for approval prior to your design being made. Please note, this is not a service readily available as we do wish to focus on our own designs, however, depending on the time of year and how busy our factory is, we will try and accomodate your desires.

We don’t wish to copy other designers designs (as we would not wish this to be done to us), however, if you have a style you are keen on, please do contact us with your idea and we can consider what would be possible.

We try to include all options, however, our ranges are incredibly extensive so we have tried to create a website that gives you a great introduction, without being overwhelming. If you can’t find what you are looking for, just get in touch and we can help you with customer photos or production photos that have not been styled (and, therefore, not suitable for the website) but will give you a very good idea of what is possible!

We have all the ranges to view in our showroom, however, due to the extensive options we have available, not to mention all the wickers and fabric choices, we don’t have everything, in every module design. Visiting will give you an excellent idea plus we have a huge library of cutomer orders for you to peruse. The showroom is a destination of indulgent; guaranteed, you will not be disappointed with what you discover through our doors – we are very different to the usual retail showroom!

We are open 10am to 5pm every day, including Saturday and Sunday. Occasionally, we are closed for private consultations to protect privacy of our clients, so if you are travelling from afar please do give us a call and we can ensure we are open for you too!

We are located at Shop 4, 24 Young Street, Neutral Bay. The main entrance is on Grosvenor Street and we are nestled between Grill’d and Firefly (both great places to grab something to eat!)

Yes, there is metered parking immediately outside our showroom (free on Sundays) with easily access for wheelchairs and prams. There is also limited parking on the opposite side of the road that is free of charge and undercover parking in Coles, located just 5 minute walk from our showroom.

Yes we do and we would love you to follow us! You can find us at (Instagram) and (Facebook). Follow us and our journey of being passionate and a little different.

Due to the technical aspect of our brand and specific manufacturing that is quite different to other factories, our production capacity is relatively low – we do not work as a mass production business. Therefore, we currently conduct our business through our store in Neutral Bay, Sydney. We do, however, offer FaceTime consultations, complimentary fabric and wicker swatches, interstate deliveries and one-on-one phone consultations with our designer and owner, Penny Camplisson.

Never invest in outdoor furniture that suggests you should bring in the cushions. That is not true outdoor furniture. Osier Belle cushions can stay outdoors, all year round, no problem at all. They will take time to dry in heavy storms but will not mould (unless a food source is not removed or the cushion is not properly aired). Every element in our cushions has been chosen for their purpose. These include our 100% solution dyed acrylic fabrics, Urecel Quick Dry Foam, YKK non-corrosive zips and Serafil outdoor thread.

It is essential you can easily take cushion covers off and throw them in a machine wash without skrinkage or fading. Naturally, cushions get dirty with food, sweat and enviromental sources. All our covers have been cleverly designed with hidden, easy to access openings using YYK, non-corrosive, marine-grade zips and easily removed for machine washing. Importantly, also easy to put back on so they look as good as new.

It happens! Please do contact us. If we can solve it for you, we will. If it is beyond repair, we can order again for you at a discounted price. We want you to enjoy your furniture for many years to come so don’t be upset and do get in touch – let’s see what’s possible!

The Osier Belle warranty is 5 years from the date of purchase (protective covers and scatter cushions have their own warranty dependent of fabric brand). Sale items may differ. The warranty covers any manufacturing defects or timber joints failing due to excess cracking. Our warranty does not cover mis-use or evidence that shows our recommended maintenance and duty of care has not been adhered to.

There is a duty of care we request you adhere to once you have receive your furniture. It is outdoor furniture and there to be enjoyed but just like anything, it must be regularly cleaned (machine washing cushion covers) and spillages removed immediately by washing. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND POWER WASHING YOUR FURNITURE. If your furniture is prone to damp and lack of sunlight, you should ensure the cushions are regularly aired to prevent mildew. If you are using protective covers, make sure you regularly air your furniture to prevent moisture build-up. If you do not wish your teak to silver, please invest in Cutek (we sell in the showroom) or our Cutek Service (simply call us for more details). We provide details on your invoice about maintenance and care but, if unsure, always reach out to us and ask; we are here to help and more than happy to answer any queries you may have.

Actually, we have been in business for over 10 years now and yet to meet a customer that needs to replace there furniture due to wear and tear! In fact, our customers do come back but only to invest in more as they are so impressed with how well it endures the Australian outdoors. We are very proud of this and do not need to invest money in marketing as most of our customers contact us as a result of seeing our furniture at their family and friends homes or our customers recommending our furniture to them.

Unlike the usual outdoor cushions, our designer has created covers that are easily removed and very easy to put back on again. They cost more to make as they run along 40% of the edge or base, hidden and made with YYK zips. No more struggling or needing a friend to help – intelligent design that works really well.

Yes, you can wash your designer cushions, no problem at all. 3Beaches fabrics are made in Sunbrella so simply follow the machine washing instructions. Details can be found here (link) https://global.sunbrella.com/en-us/how-to-clean. In regards to Mokum, James Dunlop and Catherine Martin, they recommend a warm wash, do not dry clean, tumble dry and DO NOT directly iron these covers once clean (use a barrier cloth) as some fabrics will melt under intense heat as they are olefin based.

Absolutely but due to their size they will not clean efficiently in a washing machine and may end up very crumpled. Instead, we recommend you hose down, use a mild detergent and scrubbing brush to remove any dirt, hose again and allow to completely dry.

As with everything we invest in, it is important you regularly clean it and follow a duty of care. If you like the silvered it is still important to feed the timber to minimise cracking and splintering. We use a fantastic Australian brand called Cutek. This is a penetrating oil that will help protect the timber from the inside (once it soaks in), while allowing it to ‘silver off’ on the surface. For everyday cleaning, you simply use water and a mild detergent with a soft bristle brush to remove any stubborn grime. If you wish to maintain the integrity of the timber, we use a product called Cutek (more details found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JK0ENtp5__k&feature=youtu.be). Once applied, you simply clean with a wet cloth and mild detergent, periodically reapplying the Cutek (which is very simple and easy to do). For all other options on cleaning, please visit here (https://www.cutek.com.au/support/how-to/#video-900). Osier Belle does provide a Teak maintenance services if you do not have the time or unsure what to do. Simply contact us for more information.