Outdoor Teak Furniture – The shocking facts to know before you buy

When it comes to outdoor timber furniture, the strongest, most durable wood is teak.

This hardwood stands the test of time in fully exposed weather conditions due to its high oil content and tight wood grain.

Most of us are familiar with the term ‘A-Grade Teak’ but there is so much more to this generic statement worth understanding, not to mention the issues associated with this beautiful outdoor timber being sourced illegally.

These days we are all mindful and respectful to always choose environmentally-friendly products, which helps protect wildlife and forests around the world.

If you are considering buying teak outdoor furniture, it is worth knowing what to look for and the differences in quality and source. Whatever you do, don’t invest your hard earned money into outdoor teak lounges that is not the best and/or has not been legally harvested. Do your research!


Osier Belle and their factory completed the extremely lengthy process and extensive cost of acquiring all essential licenses for the Osier Belle factory, located in West Java, Indonesia, to legally purchase teak.

“The industry is full of fake documentation and criminal activity so we personally source our timber from a highly reputable, legal supplier of long rotation teak.”

To understand the severity of illegal logging, here are some current facts:

  • Illegal logging has gone up by nearly 80% since the beginning of the pandemic
  • LEGAL logging revenue also dropped by 70%
  • COVID saw policing drop dramatically due to illness and restrictions
  • Currently, there is one police officer to protect every 60,000 hectares of forest
  • Most timber companies are still unregistered
  • Demand for timber dramatically increased as more people around the world, unable to travel, bought timber products including outdoor furniture teak wood
  • Large scale restrictions saw a huge timber shortage, prompting organised crime groups to log illegally
  • With no government support through the pandemic, locals needed jobs and many reluctantly accepted work from illegal groups

Right now, it is more essential than ever to ensure your timber has been legally sourced.


The best way to check timber furniture for outdoors is made from legally sourced is to ask for the legitimate certification the retailer will have received for the outdoor teak furniture you are considering.

If purchased from Indonesia, these three documents are essential:

  1. SLVK Licence (Sistem Verifi kasi Legalitas Kayu) by Indonesian Legal Wood
  2. DKP License (Formulir Deklarasi Kesesuaian Pemasok) by Indonesian Legal Wood
  3. TRIC License (Tropical Rainforest International Certification)

In addition to further reassure harvesting has been lawfully fulfilled, proof of the following is useful:

  1. Log List/ Cutting List – This is provided by the supplier showing every log purchased
  2. Supplier Invoice – Illegal companies will not provide these
  3. Kiln Invoice – Proof the timber has been legally kiln-dried to the required moisture content

If the seller is unable to provide the essential paperwork, you should consider what you are buying and, in turn, supporting.

All registered, legal logging companies are very proud to share and show their teak certification. It takes over a year to be an authorised timber merchant or manufacturer.

At Osier Belle, we are extremely proud to share our teak certification with our customers for all our teak furniture.

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