Caring for your Outdoor Teak Furniture

Caring for your Outdoor Teak Furniture

All timber constantly expands and contracts to the environment. To allow for this natural movement to take place, good quality outdoor furniture designers will leave gaps between the teak panels.

Cracking of timber can happen and this is often due to extreme temperatures. It is normal but should be minimal and hairline, not large and hazardous. Guidelines for caring for you timber furniture should be available on your sales receipt and/or provided by your retailer. Always reach out to them if you have concerns.

As teak weathers, it will turn silver or patina. This is a cosmetic, visual change and will not affect the strength internally, as long as you have invested in good quality A Grade teak for your outdoor furniture setting. Depending on weather conditions, time of year and location, this can happen within a matter of months in our harsh Australian environment.

Whilst some people like the silvering look, others prefer to maintain the richness of the timber and its colour.

Purchasing outdoor furniture that has been already protected with Australian brands, like Cutek or Semco, maximises the longevity and minimizes cracking in your teak outdoor lounges and timber dining settings.

At Osier Belle, we offer this protection to be applied before you receive your beautifully handmade teak modules. We also offer a TEAK PROTECTION SERVICE to maintain the strength, durability and cosmetic look of personalised timber furniture.

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Just like any clothing, indoor furniture or vehicle you have invested in, a duty of care responsibility is essential to keep your outdoor furniture looking beautiful for many years to come.

It is important you remove oil and food stains when they occur; regular cleaning dirt and dust away is a must, plus reapplying the original protection 3-4 times a year is highly recommended.

To complete this process yourself, you simply give your outdoor timber furniture a clean with warm soapy water and a soft bristle brush.

Allow your furniture to completely dry and then apply the teak protection with a clean cloth. You will see the solution soaks in quickly, so you can repeat this quick and easy step a number of times to maximise your teak protection.

If you do not have had time to do this, you can reach out to Osier Belle for our Teak Protection Service. Depending on how long you have left your teak furniture without cleaning or maintaining the protection, will depend on the level of service you require.

Naturally, the number of timber modules you have, where you live, if they are fully exposed or

undercover, plus difficulty to access for pre-cleaning will influence the cost.

If you haven't maintained basic cleaning necessities, a total RESTORE service will be required before any QUICKCLEAN application is made. Our team will then complete with our PROTECTION SERVICE, restoring your teak furniture back to its original beauty.

If you don't want your timber to silver, please let us know immediately if you are seeing the colour changing; prevention is better (and cheaper) than leaving it too long.