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Dining Concrete Round Table

Style your outdoor living space with the contemporary Osier Belle designer Round Concrete Outdoor Dining Table. Made to a variety of diameters and available with a choice of white or slate and completed with either an A Frame or X Base. Blend a combination of materials for your outdoor living space with the cleansing tones of concrete and timber. Pairs beautifully with the Osier Belle Dining Tub Chairs.
Price starting from: $3,850 (100cm diameter)
“For a more contemporary look, our Concrete Dining collection lets you add character to your space with a mix of beautiful materials.”
All Weather
Artisan Crafted
Fibreglass Reinforced Concrete
Ø120cm x 75cm
All Osier Belle modules are fully customised to suit the desires of the customer. This includes length, depth, height.
Concrete - Fibreglass Reinforced Concrete
Teak - A6 grade teak from Jepara
Protective covers are an additional purchase with each product.
Delivery charges are calculated at time of purchase and based on location, weight and access to the property.
There is a 5 year warranty on all Osier Belle products.
Please contact us for the 3D CAD file.

Fibreglass Reinforced Concrete, sealed for outdoor use.  A6 Grade teak is fully protected with Cutek.  Stainless Steel 304 used where Stainless Steel is a preference on the legs.

Concrete Options
Concrete White
Concrete Slate
Teak Options
Cutek OB Black Ash
Cutek Clear
Raw Teak
Semco Natural or Cutek OB Light Teak

About Round Concrete Outdoor Dining Table

Ideal for entertaining, our Round Concrete Outdoor Dining Table is a beautifully sleek and contemporary addition to your outdoor space. Hand-crafted with meticulous precision, it boasts a glass fibre-reinforced concrete top that radiates contemporary chic. Available with a sleek 304 marine-grade or A6-grade teak base, it complements the modern design while adding a touch of warmth. More than a functional piece, this table stands as a statement of style and durability. The glass fibre reinforcement ensures its strength, making it a lasting choice for outdoor gatherings. Elevate your al fresco dining experience with this exquisite blend of modern aesthetics and timeless craftsmanship.

Osier Belle's Manufacturing Facts

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How long does it take to construct the teak frame for a Round Concrete Outdoor Dining Table?


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How many hours are spent perfecting the timber finish of the Round Concrete Outdoor Dining Table?


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What is the total production time of the Round Concrete Outdoor Dining Table?


Aesthetics of the Round Concrete Outdoor Dining Table

Available in white or slate grey, our Round Concrete Outdoor Dining Table exhibits a stunning, chic, and sophisticated aesthetic. Supported by A6-grade teak legs or marine-grade 304 stainless steel legs, it seamlessly integrates into contemporary settings or introduces a unique texture to outdoor spaces. The sleek design makes it a captivating focal point for modern scenes or a stylish addition that enhances the visual appeal of any outdoor setting. Whether paired with teak for warmth or stainless steel for a polished look, this Round Concrete Outdoor Dining Table elevates your outdoor dining area with a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Resilience of the Round Concrete Outdoor Dining Table

Crafted with meticulous attention, the top of our Round Concrete Outdoor Dining Table is sealed for durability against varying weather conditions. The concrete itself is glass fibre reinforced, making the table slightly lighter and stronger. This table maintains its structural composure in scorching sun or pouring rain. The choice of A6-grade teak or marine-grade 304 stainless steel legs further enhances its robustness, guaranteeing longevity. This carefully crafted table not only withstands the test of time but also retains its aesthetic appeal, making it a durable and stylish centrepiece for your outdoor space, capable of enduring the elements with grace and poise.

Round Concrete Outdoor Dining Table Made  Just For Your

Tailor the dimensions of your Round Concrete Outdoor Dining Table to fit your space seamlessly. Choose from a white or grey concrete top and versatile leg options, including A6-grade teak with Osier Belle specific Cutek-formulated oil tones or marine-grade 304 stainless steel, available in X-base, A-frame, or corner positions. Collaborating closely with customers, we ensure the ideal size for your desired guest capacity. This level of customisation allows the table to become a personalised reflection of your style and practical needs, ensuring a comfortable dining setting for all occasions.



Yes, we provide a 5-year warranty which includes a zero-fade guarantee on all Sunbrella and Agora outdoor fabrics. Even if out of warranty, we always endeavour to do our very best to assist clients. We can ensure your furniture will last for years to come and way beyond its warranty.

All our teak is ethically sourced and certified and exclusively sourced from Indonesia. With the highest oil content globally, this particular teak stands as the epitome of quality. At Osier Belle, we pride ourselves in utilising the very best materials, and that's precisely why we choose Indonesian teak to craft our exceptional outdoor pieces.

Absolutely, our outdoor furniture, including the Round Concrete Outdoor Dining Table is built to thrive outdoors, uncovered. At Osier Belle, we employ top-tier materials that are purposefully designed to endure Australia's climate. Our wickers, fabrics, and teak are water and fade-resistant, reducing maintenance. Teak, while durable, benefits from periodic oil replenishment for a showroom-ready appearance.

When it comes to outdoor furniture, the choice of wood matters significantly, especially in Australia's diverse climate. Some types of wood are less durable and are not suitable for extended outdoor use. Among all the options, hardwoods stand out as the most robust and long-lasting, with teak being the highest-quality outdoor wood available. Teak wood is graded for quality, and A Grade teak is simply the best.

It’s always advised to be mindful of concrete surfaces and act preventatively. Best practice is to wipe up any stains or spills as soon as possible. Concrete is porous by nature and prone to stains, that's why at Osier Belle we apply an added sealant to protect against any stains and marks. However, if you do have a persistent stain it’s best to talk to the team as each solution is case by case.

Concrete is highly durable and ideal for outdoor use. However, it's porous by nature. At Osier Belle, we reinforce our concrete furniture with glass fibre for added strength and apply a protective sealant layer to resist scratches, marks, and stains. We recommend just being mindful of the surface; avoid leaving rusty items on it, and promptly wipe up spills when possible. While concrete is robust, substances like red wine can seep through the sealant if left over a period of time.

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